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Fertilizing is a very important component of a Toronto lawn care program that positively influences the appearance of a lawn. Fertilizer supplies plant essential nutrients the lawn needs to grow healthy.

Polyon Lime Kelp tree and shrub
Selective broadleaf weed control is specially designed to effectively control weed infestations without any harm to the grass. In Toronto, we use Fiesta weed control to eliminate the weeds in the lawn.

Fiesta Weed Control Vegetation Control Crack and Crevice Control
Destructive lawn insects left untreated can cause extensive damage to a lawn by feeding on the grass. In Toronto, we offer both surface and subsurface insect control options to prevent and minimize infestations.

Surface insect Control Subsurface Insect Control Mosquito Control
Cultural practices help promote and contribute to the overall health of a lawn. In Toronto, we offer a wide variety of these services to improve the quality lawn thereby reducing weed, insect, and disease pressures.
Core Aeration Slit Seeding Lawn Renovation Over Seeding Top Dressing

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